Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb - Marangu route
6 nights / 7 days
Day 1 Arrival and overnight in Hotel and briefing on Mt. Kilimanjaro climb.
Day 2 Drive to Marangu gate and start the climb to the fascinating Rain forests till you reach the first hut Mandara; Altitude is 9000 ft (2725m). The climb is 3-4 hours. Overnight at the Mandara hut.
Day 3 After breakfast, follow the ascending path through the alpine Meadow. The altitude begins to change and slows down your pace while enjoying the flora and view of Mawenzi and kibo peaks. Arrive at Horombo hut – 12 km from Mandara. The altitude is 12335 ft (3780m).
Day 4 Acclimatize at Horombo
Day 5 After breakfast, resume the climb. The landscape becomes rugged and rocky and groundsels and lobelias appear. Climb to Kibo Hut. The altitude is 15520 ft. (4730 m) the climb is 5 to 6 hours. Meals and overnight at the hut.
Day 6 The last ascent is made in the wee hours of the Morning while the scree is still frozen. Climb the very steep part of the route to Giliman point (the most difficult and tiring part). The altitude is 18635 ft (5680 m). The climb is 6 hours. Uhuru peak is reached within an hour’s walk along the Crater’s rim. The altitude is 19340 ft (5895 m). Start the descent to Horombo Hut for overnight.
Day 7 Return to Marangu Gate. Rest and have a light lunch. Transfer to Arusha.

End of Climb.
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