Why Tanzania?
Tanzania is a world class destination for African safari. It is truly a wildlife paradise offering pristine wildlife attractions and scenic grandeur.

Tanzania has set aside 25% of its land as national parks and wildlife reserves. It has the largest concentration of animals in the world with unspoiled beauty and attractions that no other country in Africa can match. Attractions include the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro – the highest mountain in Africa (19340ft), Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater – a natural wonder of the world.

Tanzania has a diverse eco system offering an amazing variety of flora and fauna. The climate is temperate throughout the year. This allows one to visit Tanzania anytime during the year and have a wonderful vacation. It is a marvelous place of coastal marshes, savanna plains, wooded and dense tropical forests.

Tanzania has an enviable record of being one of the most peaceful countries in Africa with about 150 different tribe’s co existing in harmony and peace. Tanzania is a democratic state that believes in respect for human rights, dignity and freedom. It has often played a major role in solving conflicts in other parts of Africa thereby gaining an unofficial status of “Geneva of Africa”.

The tourist attractions in Tanzania are still virgin and free from mass tourism unlike other African countries. The Tanzania Tourist Board has proudly put up signs on the gates to the national parks that say – “Here the world is still young and fragile held in trust for yours sons and ours” which further reiterates the commitment of Tanzanians to protect their heritage for the benefit of the future generations.

Who are Adventure Tours & Safaris?
Adventure Tours and Safaris Ltd. is owned and run by people who were born and raised in Tanzania. Two brothers created the company in 1984 in Arusha, Tanzania – the gateway to the famous tourist attractions that would become a tight knit affair and never outgrow it self.

Adventure Tours and Safaris makes sure that it retains its charm of offering personalized safaris to the country’s world famous wildlife sanctuaries by going an extra mile to ensure its clients see Tanzania from a side rarely encountered in the common commercial tourist circuit.

We offer group, individual and honeymoon safaris. We also work with institutions like universities (see pictures at www.watburg.edu), schools and corporations by customizing safaris that would cater for special needs like academic research and business meetings. We also offer customized safaris for special interest groups like bird watchers, mountaineering clubs and photography enthusiasts.

With over 15 years of experience in organizing safaris into the Tanzanian wild, we assure that no trip will be a routine run of the mill affair. Exceptional customer service has been the top priority for the company since its inception and we remain passionate about helping customers achieve their dream of a spectacular African safari.

Why choose Adventure Tours and Safaris?
“Something exciting that you do or happen to you”

The spirit of the above definition of an adventure is at the heart of Adventure Tours and Safaris Company and we assure you that every day with us you will come face to face with Tanzania’s wildlife and experience the impact of virgin nature and its game that Tanzania has painstakingly conserved for mankind.

What makes us different from other safari companies is our safaris are professionally designed to be unique, individual and personalized making sure that you are not just a number in the crowd.

There is no middleman
All itineraries are designed and safaris are conducted by our team of professionals who spend most of their time in the game parks. We own the safari vehicles and personally negotiate prices with the best safari lodges and campsites hence providing value for a fair price. We create and sell the safaris directly to the customers.

Our guides
All our guides are born and raised in Tanzania. Spending most of their time in the game parks, they are highly experienced and have a vast knowledge of the animals found in the wild and the local tribes living in the areas surrounding the parks.

Our team of safari planners headed by Karim – popularly known as “bushmaster” works closely with the guides in identifying the best places for viewing the animals in the parks, creating new itineraries that have added features and constantly train the guides in providing utmost customer service thereby making the safaris even more exciting.
Our Mount Kilimanjaro guides are especially known for their zeal and patience in making sure that the climbers have a memorable climb and reach the summit and thereby stand on the roof of Africa.

Our vehicles
All our safari vehicles are customized 4X4 Land rovers that would provide full comfort and excellent viewing. Every client has a window seat thereby having an unobstructed view of the wildlife. Our vehicles also have a retractable roof which allows you to stand and get a magnificent view and take great pictures. Our vehicles are specially equipped to handle the rough terrain of the game parks and have a great safety record.

Our prices are very competitive as we run our own safaris and ensure that our valued customers get the best deals. We strive to help you have an adventure in the true African spirit at a very reasonable cost.

We pledge to keep our promise that every safari made through us will prove to be an unforgettable experience and a true adventure in spirit. We assure you that you will fall in love with Tanzania.

Come to Adventure Tours and Safaris – The people who know Tanzania better!

Our Promise
1. To treat you as friends
2. To care for your every comfort
3. To charge fees that are fair and always with your budget in mind.
4. To strive for your satisfaction each and every time.
Client Testimonials

some of the comments of satisfied travelers………

Tobi is an excellent Guide. The Serengeti is stunning-Wonderful!…………"

(Britta Dechamps and Axel Xuhlebrour, Germany)

"Excellent! Great Guide (Lawrance) and PASTA AL DENTE (Thomas the cook)…….."
(Marco Toledo, Andrea Borgarella and Meme Canrese, Turin Italy)

"Awesome experience………."
( Mustafa, Taher Patwa, Abizer, USA)

"Really Great Experience, Lawrance and Thomas are the Bomb! Great Guys make for Great Safari………"
(Lean-Paul Saulnier and Brad Kern, New York USA, California USA)

"So nice that I will be back………".
( Patrice Gendron and Olivier Gagno Martin, Quebec Canada)