We organize guided safaris to the wildlife parks and Mount Kilimanjaro climb. Our safaris also include options of walking safaris, horseback safaris, balloon safaris and cultural tourism. We offer luxurious, semi luxurious and camping safaris depending on the customer’s preference. Although our specialty is customizing every client’s safari, we also offer various itineraries that have been created by our safari planners from which a client may opt to choose.

We specialize in organizing safaris to the world famous parks in the northern Tanzania including Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara, Tarangire, Arusha National Park, Oldvai Gorge, Lake Eyasi – home to the few remaining Bushmen, Lake Natron and Mount Lengai. The safaris typically range from 3 days up to 12 days or more depending on the client’s preference.

Apart from the national parks in the north of Tanzania, we also arrange safaris to the Selous Game Reserve in the southern part of Tanzania and the romantic spice islands of Zanzibar and Pemba especially for the honeymooners. Selous is the largest protected wildlife area in Africa. This pristine uninhabited area, which is larger then Switzerland, boasts Tanzania’s largest population of elephants.

Budget Camping Safaris
Budget camping safaris are very popular among adventure loving customers who want to explore the African wild in the old fashioned way at a minimum budget. Customers help pitch and sleep in the tents in campsites often located within the park or reserve, eat delicious food prepared by our guides, sit by the campfire under  the beautiful starlight sky and get the true feeling of the rugged and “on the ground” African safari experience.

All camping equipment such as tents, chairs, tables, lanterns, utensils and other equipment are provided by us. Customers may bring their personal camping gear and other personal effects.

A rugged camping safari brings you closest to the African wild at the minimum price yet you enjoy all the benefits of a regular safari.

Luxury Camping Safaris
Luxury camping safaris allows customers live in luxurious permanently tented campsites that are set up before your arrival. The tents are equipped with beds, running water, electricity and fully furnished in comfort and style. The campsite is fully staffed with cooks, waiters, cleaners and others to provide you with the best service in the middle of the African jungle.

Customers eat in the dining tent and later sit by the fire and chat about great game viewing experiences and events of the day under the romantic starlight African sky. The cuisine can be tailored to the meet the clients needs.

The luxury campsites cater for a small group of customers as compared to the bigger lodges hence providing a perfect setting for a romantic and a private camping safari with personalized service and luxury.

Lodge Safaris
Lodge safaris are for customers who want to live in luxurious lodges with all the amenities offered by hotels back home.  There are different options from high-end luxury lodges - tree house rooms high in the forest canopies, highland cottages with feather beds and fireplaces, all-natural beach bungalows on hidden island retreats - to more lower-budget options like fully furnished safari tents, equipped with hot showers, comfortable beds, and breathtaking views.

Most of the lodges are built within or on the boundaries of the park offering magnificent views of the wilderness landscape. The lodges, often perched on top of the hills, are built to blend into the environment offering breathtaking views of the teeming wildlife below.

The hotels/lodges offers an extremely high standard of hospitality and  all the amenities such as queen sized beds, tiled floored bathrooms, hair dryers, furniture created from rich hardwood timber, swimming pool, restaurants and bar and great food.

Lodge safaris are a popular choice of safaris although it is slightly more expensive than the camping and semi luxurious safaris. It is idle for customers who want the adventure of a safari experience with all the amenities of home.

Get married on a safari!
How about getting married amidst the Masaai tribesmen in their ancient wedding customs dressed in their traditional dress with a traditional Masaai Ngoma (music) and dance?

We offer special arrangements for our customers who would like to have a traditional Masaai wedding ceremony in the middle of safari. This would allow you to experience a unique Masaai culture and customs that have been untouched by time.

We also offer honeymoon safaris to the African wild and the exotic island of Zanzibar. Tanzania has one of the most romantic sunsets, starlit skies, scenic natural beauty, endless miles of white sandy beaches, exotic customs and culture.

The secluded and elegant wildlife lodges would be a perfect getaway offering privacy, beauty and luxury - a perfect setup for a romantic honeymoon far away from the crowds.

When to go
We offer safaris throughout the year however the best times to go on a safari are July through October and December through March. Long rains start from April through early June and the short rains start from November through December. This is considered as off season and although it is wet and the roads are usually in bad shape, it is slightly cheaper as hotels and lodges offer discounts and special offers.

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